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Kickass Mom Needs Help for a Great Cause!

wake up kick ass be kind repeat

If ever there was a woman who embodies the above, it’s Nancy Krupienski—and she needs your help.

She is running in the Boston Marathon to raise $7,500 which will sponsor three kids for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp​, which offers free programs to kids with serious illnesses AND their families.

…I’ve got kids who are sitting in the hospital or clinic right now receiving chemo or radiation and fighting for their lives who need me, for that hope that they are going to have the best week of their lives at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp…This is for those kids.” ~ Nancy Krupienski

This isn’t a random fundraiser however; a few years ago, Nancy’s son Jack was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The Krupienski family knows firsthand the meaning of the camp’s motto, “Behind every sick child, is a family in crisis.”

“To say our world was shaken up would be an understatement…In a time when doctor visits, surgery, and multiple MRIs ruled the day, a friend told us about The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp…the moment we crossed the camp gates we knew this was a different place. A place where kids with serious illnesses could do what they wanted most. BE A KID!

Every time I look at my son, where he was, and where he is now, I am filled with more strength and determination to help other kids experience the life changing magic of camp that he experienced…” ~ Nancy Krupienski

The Krupienski Family

The Krupienski Family



She gives back in other ways, too. Not only is she a nurse, but she & her husband are instilling values in their kids that will impact many other lives:



“Krupienski is also an avid volunteer, along with her family.

“My husband and I have made it a priority with these kids that they have experience helping people,” she said.

When one of Krupienski’s sons was dealing with a long-term illness, she and her family received a lot of support from the Vernon community, and now that he is feeling better, they are teaching him to help people in the same situation. The family is involved with the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and their cycling programs, which raises funds for programs for children with serious illnesses.” ~ Steve Smith, courant.com

Told you she was badass.

C’mon, let’s help Nancy reach her goal—no amount is too small to make a difference!

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Entrance

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Entrance









Her donate page is:


Go Team Hole in the Wall!


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