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How Much Do You Dare to Share? Get ready to Go There… is a book that evolved naturally from friends getting together weekly, sharing and venting life’s frustrations and bonding over wine, laughter and tears. It is a collection of true, sometimes raw stories taken directly from our own lives.

Whether baring painful memories of childhood, sharing embarrassing details about our sex lives or telling funny stories in general, the three of us noticed multiple moments of, “OMG that happened to me too!” and, “I know someone who went through the same thing…” We came to realize that we had so much more in common than we originally thought (and also that some of us were WAY more free-spirited than we ever would have guessed, lol).

Everyone has flaws, been embarrassed, had an ‘Oh sh*t!’ moment or experienced loss…  Too often instead of sharing our pain and imperfections we put up invisible walls, fearing that if anyone knew our true selves, we would be ridiculed or humiliated. Ironically, the only thing those walls shield us from are the deeper, more meaningful connections to others that only vulnerability could foster.

By baring and sharing our own stories and truths, we hope to empower and encourage others to do the same. What is shameful or embarrassing in the eyes of one person is acceptable to another. No matter what your experience, we guarantee that there is someone else who has been there, gone there, done it or lived it. You are not alone.

Each story is preceded by a question for you to ask yourself and reflect upon your own life experiences. We encourage you to be brave and discuss some of your own stories with a trusted friend, group of friends, or even a book club. (We find that a glass of liquid courage helps move things along).

So are you willing to take off the mask so many of us hide behind and tell your deepest secret? In exchange for a more meaningful connection with others, can you ‘dare to share?’


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